Hardwood Floor Polishing and Hardwood Floor Waxing in Birmingham, Homewood AL

Did you know that Heaven’s Best Carpet and Rug Cleaners clean, polish and wax Hardwood Floors? We do!!!! We provide Hardwood Floor Polishing, Hardwood Floor Cleaning and Hardwood Floor Waxing in Birmingham, Homewood AL, Hoover AL, Mountain Brook, Vestavia Hills. Check out our process and give us a call at (205) 739-1880 to schedule a FREE ESTIMATE.


4 Reasons why you need Professional Carpet Cleaning Services in Birmingham, AL

Your carpet represents a significant investment in your home and it is not something that is easy to replace. You have to clean and remove all the furniture just to replace it. So, unless you have tons of time on your hands or you are moving out, replacing carpets is not a pleasant experience. So, taking care of your carpet is a good way to protect your investment. Our photos shows 4 puppies that would definitely be a reason to have your carpets professionally cleaned. If you have dogs or cats, you already know that you need professional carpet cleaning, but this article focuses on 4 reasons why you would need professional carpet cleaning if you don’t have pets.

Here are 4 Important Reasons why you need Professional Carpet Cleaning Services in Birmingham, AL to take care of your carpet investment.

1. Appearance – This is probably the most obvious reason to have your carpet cleaned. The appearance of your carpet is what you see every day, so if you have stains or traffic lanes,


Don’t overlook Cleaning your Office Furniture at your Business in Hoover AL

Office furniture cleaning is often overlooked at businesses in Hoover AL. Many companies overlook their office furniture when cleaning, not realizing that it is probably the most exposed to dirt and contaminates. Patients in Doctor and Dentist offices spend the majority of their time in the waiting room sitting on the waiting room chairs. Most of the chairs in these offices are made out of synthetic fibers so they will be durable, but did you know that these types of fibers attract oil more than water? What does that mean? The body oil of your patients is being left behind on your chairs. And if this is left untreated, it is chemically altered and becomes a permanent part of the furniture. Have you noticed any brown or yellow spots on the arm rests or chair backs? It is not pleasant to think about, but the chairs in your office are harboring all sorts of dirt and grime including body oils, dead skin cells, and bacteria. And even if you have “No Food or Drink” signs posted